Let's do RevOps at Cherre, shall we?


Well, that didn’t take long. After taking a break last summer, enjoying some amazing travels with my family, and purchasing a couple of investment properties, it’s time to get back to work in the tech sector. I wasn’t looking for a new gig since I was having a fantastic time working full time restoring the houses on Dayton St., but after meeting Ben Hizak and learning about the phenomenal things Cherre is doing, I had to jump at the opportunity to help this company scale.

What is Cherre?

The world of real estate data is a mess and reminds me of how freight technology seems to be about 10 years behind the times. Asset managers, insurers, and mortgage providers use hundreds of different data sources to get information on properties

Cherre connects decision makers to accurate property and market information – helping them make faster, smarter decisions. By providing a unique “single source of truth,” Cherre empowers customers to evaluate opportunities and trends faster and more accurately, while saving millions of dollars in manual data collection and analytics costs.

My role with the company is to create the Revenue Operations function from scratch which will allow for connecting and streamlining the Sales, Marketing, Client Success, and Finance organizations. I am responsible for developing value-based sales processes and coordinating with cross-functional teams to help stimulate continuous market growth – which is going to be all kinds of fun.

Why did I jump at this opportunity?

Simple. I have done this stuff before, and while I have never, specifically, lead a Revenue Operations team before, I know what needs to happen in order to make Sales, CS, and Marketing tick since I have overseen all of those functions over my career. It’s going to be fun to proactively and strategically focus on streamlining operations as opposed to just fixing things when they break (the typical startup Commercial team leader MO).

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